Installation Services

A pivotal part of the Kitchen & Spaces Company is our construction and installation services. We are a full-service construction and remodeling company. One element that sets us apart from other companies is our dedicated crew.

All our work is handled by our in-house team of designers. We do not use subcontractors. Within this group of talented craftsmen, we have the framers, plumbers, electricians, trim carpenters and tile setters all in one core group. Therefore, we can quickly and efficiently complete jobs with minimal down time. The average time for a bathroom remodel is ten days, while kitchen remodels range between two and three weeks.

Our showroom is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and evening and Sunday hours by appointment. Our unique and flexible project management system ensures that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of the nature of the job. All of our installation work is backed by our 7-year warranty. This is in addition to the individual manufacturers’ warranties on products and materials. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We can accomplish your dreams for your home while being committed to honesty, fairness, quality workmanship and customer service.

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