Should the Designer and the Homeowner get to know each other?

You and the designers don’t have to become best friends throughout the remodeling process, but it is important that the designer does get to know a few things about you so that they can help you get your ideal room design. Our expert kitchen and room designer in our Downers Grove showroom is certainly the person to talk to when trying to figure out how you want your room to be laid out. The following are a few key things you should mention to your designer:

Color interests / personal styles
Family sizing (More countertop space would be ideal for larger families!)
Cooking habits – also if you cook with your left or right hand
Where your children do homework
Special Needs or accommodations – height can too make a difference!
If you have pets

Some of these might seem unnecessary, but even the smallest of details, like which hand you cook with, really does change the layout of where some things may fall! If your children do homework in the kitchen area, adding an island could be useful so there is a place to sit and eat while tackling schoolwork. Pets could change the handle style to your cabinet doors so it isn’t as easy for them to rummage around in places where they shouldn’t.

Our interior designer can help you find the best options for your spaces! If you live near Downers Grove, stop by our showroom and see some examples of kitchen layouts and styles to help spark your creative thinking!

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