How do I care for my new cabinetry?


September 30, 2019


It’s finally done! You made the decision to undergo a full kitchen remodel, and your new cabinets look amazing. But now what? How do you take care of them to ensure their beauty lasts? After all, after making the investment, you do not want to cause any damage to them!
Here are our recommendations for keeping your cabinetry looking their best for years to come. Please note different woods / materials require different care!


• Dust or vacuum periodically (depending on the amount of particulate matter that may have accumulated).
• Use a clean soft cloth (such as an old t-shirt, cheesecloth, flannel, or chamois) ensuring that no snaps, buttons, or other attachments that may scratch the surface.
• Use a moistened or damp cloth, as dry cleaning may scratch the surface.
• Use, if necessary, a mild dishwashing soap (the best mixture is between 3%-5% soap and warm water)
• Immediately dry surfaces with a clean soft cloth.
• Use glass cleaners without ammonia for cabinetry with glass panels
• Follow the grain of the wood when cleaning – wiping across the grain could cause scratches if the dust contains grit.
• Wipe up spills, splatters, and water spots as they occur – keep the cabinetry dry.



• Use harsh detergents, such as bleach, ammonia, vinegar, citrus-based cleaners, or products with abrasive additives.
• Clean with abrasive pads, steel wool, scouring powders or pads
• Use bathtub or sink cleaners on countertops
• Use sponges or dishcloths –they could contain remnants of grease or detergents that could cause damage to the cabinetry.
• Use paper towels – they could leave unwanted residue behind
• Drape damp cloths or dishtowels over cabinet doors – excessive moisture can cause permanent damage.

By following this small guide, you are going to have healthy cabinetry and countertops for decades to come! Our kitchen designs in Naperville and Darien have successfully tested all of the positive products, and even with years of daily usage the cabinets look as good as new!