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Kosher Kitchens
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Kosher Kitchens
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Kosher Kitchens

Many clients of the Jewish faith practice the Ritual Jewish Law of keeping their homes Kosher.  The requirement of separating meat and dairy products has a big impact on kitchen design, material selections, and requires planning ahead.  Kitchen design and planning requires thinking about separate clean-up and storage zones, and also consideration for separate dishes, utensils, and cookware. 

Some believe that two of everything are required in a kosher kitchen which is only partially true.  If you have the space and budget, this does make kitchen design easier, but clients with smaller kitchens and budgets can still have a functional kitchen that fits the requirements of this lifestyle.  If space is available consider creating separate meat and dairy zones for the kosher kitchen, each with its own sink, dishwasher and dish storage. This zoned approach will be a time and step-saver for the kosher homeowner.  The Sabbath, which translates to not cooking from Friday evening until Saturday evening in kosher homes will also have an impact on kitchen planning as well.  Regardless of space and budget a kosher kitchen is possible, as one Rabbi we have worked with said “We did not have modern cabinetry and appliances centuries ago and still were able to keep Kosher”.