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Green Cabinetry
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Green Cabinetry
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Cabinets are starting to catch up to other kitchen essentials such as energy efficient appliances.  While there are selections the consumer can make in material selection consideration should be given to the practices of a particular manufacturer.  Over the past decade many of our suppliers have taken the following steps to reduce the impact of production.

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Avoid volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Join the environmental effort as members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle office materials
  • Keep it clean by utilizing a distiller to reclaim cleaning solvents
  • Reduce material usage with Most Available Controlled Technology (MACT) finish and adhesive application technology
  • Increase our energy efficiency with a gas-fired oven curing system
  • Improve wood utilization with an automating optimizing cut line
  • Reduce our non-wood waste stream
  • Increase board yield with CNC nesting technology
  • Reduce finishing material usage
  • Implement lean manufacturing technology and processes
  • Utilize 100 percent of all raw wood – downfall wood is used for cutting boards, finger joints, animal bedding and landscaping materials

Many of these steps are not only environmentally beneficial but also use less material and reduce costs for the end user.  Some companies also have preservation efforts:

  • Honoring Arbor Day by giving all employees a tree to plant
  • Planting trees in honor of special events
  • Sponsoring Earth Day activities
  • Funding the Wisconsin Hardwood Reforestation Program
  • Providing a scholarship for a Forest Management College student
  • Appointing a Green Officer to head our Environmental Stewardship Committee

Our immense respect for the environment is expressed in our commitment to reforestation. As a purchaser of Candlelight Cabinetry you will have a choice between receiving a complimentary tree for your yard or ten trees for one of our national forests. Since 1990, Candlelight has planted over 25,000 trees through our "Tree Planting Program." 

The client also can make personal choices when selecting cabinets and the materials they are constructed from there several primary things to consider:

  • Formaldehyde Free and no VOCs
  • Wood types

The following pages provide more information on these topics. Click next to continue.