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Cabinetry and Counter Care
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Cabinetry and Counter Care
Countertop Cleaning Tips
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Cleaning Cabinetry

All Kitchen Craft cabinetry is finished with an extraordinarily durable finish. Follow these simple steps to take care of your cabinetry:

  • Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning solutions or scouring pads.
  • Clean spills quickly. While it is unlikely that allowing a spill to dry will affect the finish, quick cleaning is always wise.
  • Don’t hang wet towels on door or drawer fronts. Eventually, this may damage the door, drawer or finish.
  • Don’t allow children to swing on doors or to use drawers as step ladders. 

Solid Surface Maintenance and Cleaning

There are three types of Solid Surface countertop finishes: matte/satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss*. Most countertops are finished with a matte/satin finish. All solid surface sinks have a matte/satin finish. (*Contact your local dealer if you are uncertain what type of finish is on your countertop.)

Soapy water, ammonia based cleaners (not window cleaners as they can leave a waxy build up that may dull the surface) or commercially available solid surface cleaners will remove most dirt and residue from all types of finishes. Stubborn residue will require a little stronger cleaner.

Experience has shown that a film builds up on the surface if water is left to dry on the countertop. This film will dull the look of the countertop making the finish appear blotchy and uneven. To prevent build up of the film, it is important to wipe the countertop completely dry after spills and cleaning.

Some colors of solid suraface may require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish. Darker colors tend to require more attention than lighter colors. Over time, even with proper care, your countertop will acquire a patina, changing the appearance of the finish.